Archaeologists have found a two-thousand-year-old burial in the ancient British settlement of Duropolis

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of archaeologists from Bournemouth University have discovered an ancient burial site of the inhabitants of Duropolis, the oldest city in the UK. The find is reported by the Daily Mail.

The age of the burial is about two thousand years. The bodies of the people were in oval-shaped pits, which, according to scientists, were originally used to store grain.

In addition to the remains of five men and women, archaeologists found fragments of food and clay bowls sacrificed to the deceased.

Scientists believe that the found burial will help to better understand the ancient burial rites, as well as the ideas of contemporaries about the afterlife.

Duropolis, named after the ancient Iron Age durothrig tribe near the modern city of Winterbourne-Kingston in Dorset, was first discovered in 2015, when archaeologists unearthed 16 round buildings: the ancient inhabitants used them as storage facilities.


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