Archaeologists have found a cave in which the end of the world was supposed to begin

(ORDO NEWS) — So, recently archaeologists stumbled upon a cave in Iceland. According to the legend of the Vikings, it was here that the end of the world was supposed to begin – Ragnarok.

The Vikings believed that under Ragnarok all the gods would die, and the earth would be engulfed in flames. Where people had such associations was explained by archaeologists from Brown University Kevin Smith.

The cave is located at the foot of a volcano that last erupted about 1100 years ago. Perhaps what they saw impressed the Vikings so much that they timed it to coincide with the day of judgment.

Archaeologists said what the Vikings supposedly did after the volcanic eruption. After the lava cooled down, the ancient Vikings entered the cave and built a stone structure in it. The so-called rook protected the Earth from the beginning of Ragnarok. Bones of animals were taken here and various sacrifices were made to prevent the end of the world.

Beads were found near the boat – 63 pieces, 3 of them were from Iraq. In addition, minerals from eastern Turkey and orpiment (a rare mineral with which the Scandinavians adorned various objects) have been found.

In historical scriptures, this place is associated with the fire giant Surt, who killed all the gods. According to legend, it was he who caused the beginning of Ragnarok. Using gifts and sacrifices, the ancient Scandinavians wanted to calm the giant. All items found are well preserved. Exploring them, you can learn more about the life of those times.


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