Archaeologists have established the origin of the famous Arthur’s Stone

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists managed to establish the origin of the monument, popular all over the world, which was created in the Neolithic era.

Arthur’s Stone is considered such a monument. It is a huge boulder weighing up to 25 tons. Moreover, it has a flat surface and is located on smaller stones. Reported by the University of Manchester.

Arthur’s Stone is located near the village of Dorston at the very top of a huge hill. Experts have suggested that it was installed as early as 3700 BC. It was assumed that this structure was built directly into the wedge-shaped pyramid of stone.

In fact, everything turned out to be completely different. It is worth noting that the monument is protected by the state, therefore, the experts carried out the excavations somewhat to the side, where the protected zone ends.

Archaeologists have established that Arthur’s Stone is an old tomb, which a couple of millennia ago was a wooden mound of a rather long length. Around was a palisade made of wood.

Experts believe that initially Arthur’s Stone had exactly the same design as the “halls of the dead”. This was the name of the tombs created in the Stone Age.

Scientists also added that this area, very many years ago, could represent a whole system of structures interconnected.


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