Archaeologists have established by tartar that ancient people ate in the Neolithic era

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists from the University of Rome Tor Vergata determined the role of plants in the life of a Neolithic man from the tartar of ancient people who lived in Italy.

The researchers analyzed the DNA of microparticles that were hidden in ancient tartar.

Scientists have found a large number of traces of plants, including figs, millet, wheat, as well as fruits of rosaceae and labiaceae (for example, mulberry and mint, respectively).

“The results allowed us to outline the general plant structure of the area in which ancient people created their camps. We found two starch morphotypes, indicating the use of wild herbs and cereals.

This proves that barley and wheat were the first cultivated crops. By tartar, you can also determine what a person inhaled.

So, we found fern spores and fragments of coniferous wood. This indicates that there was a coniferous forest near the camps,” the scientists noted.

In addition, the researchers studied the tartar of animals of that time. The results showed that humans used wild plants during the Neolithic to feed animals.


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