Archaeologists have discovered the skull of a man who lived five thousand years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1999, in the Spanish town of Tarragona, experts discovered the remains of a man who lived about five thousand years ago. Some time ago, scientists studied these remains. It was possible to establish that the man died as a result of a blow to the head with some heavy object made of stone.

Miguel angel Moreno-Ibanez, who was involved in the research, said that after examining the skull, they were able to establish which object was hit. A stereomicroscope and computer microtomography were used to study the damaged skull. Scientists also found that the wound did not have time to heal, which suggests that it was she who caused the death of the man.

The blow was delivered from the back of the man. Due to the fact that the bone in the skull is slightly depressed inward, we can say that the attacker made an effort in order to remove the adze back. Presumably, the blow was inflicted by an object resembling a hoe made of stone. In addition, traces of old, less serious injuries that had time to heal were found on the man’s skull.


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