Archaeologists have discovered the “lost” monastery of the medieval queen

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(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have been exploring the surroundings of the Church of the Holy Trinity, which is located in England, in Cookham. They managed to find the remains of a building that was erected around the 8th century AD. 

Researchers believe that in fact it may be the “lost” monastery of Queen Sinetrit. For a long time, experts could not determine its exact location. It is reported by BBC News.

Thanks to such a find, scientists will be able to obtain much more information about one of the most prominent women who lived in the early Middle Ages. Queen Sinetrit died in 798. She became the first and only Anglo-Saxon ruler whose face was minted on a coin.

To date, there is very little information about the queen. Scientists managed to find out that when Sinetrit lived, quite a lot of monasteries were built. A lot of buildings are located directly on the Thames. Most of them are of strategic importance.

Archaeologists also managed to find the remains of wooden buildings, in which, presumably, the inhabitants of the monasteries could live. In addition, they found pottery vessels, food remains, a bronze bracelet and a pin that was used for dresses. Thanks to these findings, experts will be able to learn more about how the monks and nuns lived, what they ate and how they dressed.


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