Archaeologists have discovered rare artifacts with runic text

(ORDO NEWS) — During a study that was recently conducted on the territory of Norway, archaeologists made simply incredible discoveries. They found two very rare sets of runes in different parts of the Oslo Medieval Park.

Solveig Thorkildsen and Ingeborg Hornkjel, who work at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU), accidentally discovered a bone with an Old Norse inscription, as well as a rune stick. It was completely covered with ancient text in Latin and Old Norse.

Experts said that such a runic bone is found for the first time in 30 years in Oslo. In total, 27 such unique bones have already been found for all the time. Specialists emphasize the fact that in absolutely all cases, the costal bones of a large horse or cow were used to create them.

Just a couple of days after the first find, Thorkildsen Hornkjell was able to make another amazing discovery. When she was in a deep enough trench, she saw a small piece of wood that was washed into the ditch.

Runes were present on the wood, which were applied around the Middle Ages. Such incredible finds will allow researchers to gain additional information on how medieval people lived in Oslo.

In the future, a more thorough study of the artifacts will be carried out, but today experts believe that they were created between 1100 and 1350 BC.

On a piece of wood that was slightly damaged, there were several words that could be deciphered. They meant a phrase written in Latin, which, presumably, could be part of a prayer popular among medieval Christians.

It is worth noting that they often used runes to express the simplest prayers. On the bone, there was another inscription, which could be the name of the artifact or someone’s nickname.


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