Archaeologists have discovered a building of the 7th century BC in Yerevan

(ORDO NEWS) — Fragments of a large building were discovered by archaeologists on the territory of the Karmir Blur nature reserve, on the outskirts of Yerevan.

The find dates back to the 7th century BC. It is important not only for Armenia, but also for the entire Middle East, according to local experts.

The main find is a stone building with a paved floor. Archaeologists also found tethering posts and animal bones.

Perhaps there was once a market, a caravanserai or a stable here. The true purpose of the structure is yet to be established.

“We have here a paved floor of the Urartian or post-Urartian period, on which a lot of ceramics have been found.

There is a charred brick layer here, numerous layers indicate that the territory was restored after the fire,” said Manvel Galachyan, head of the restoration research department.

This place is called Karmir Blur. Translated from Armenian – red hill. Once there was an ancient fortress, which was captured and burned.

The territory keeps many secrets. In the forties of the XX century, an Urartian city was dug up here with fragments of bowls, jugs, bronze daggers and jewelry. The new find is no less significant, scientists say.

“We receive a lot of congratulations from our colleagues from all over the world.

The first results were presented at international scientific conferences, and we can say that this is a very important building of the Iron Age in our region,” said Mikael Badalyan, director of the Erebuni Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve.

Armenian archaeologists are excavating together with colleagues from Austria. Recently, students of the National University of Architecture and even schoolchildren joined the expedition.

“I studied at a school for young archaeologists and have been volunteering for excavations for a year now.

I really like working with adults, I dream of growing up and becoming an archaeologist like them,” Azat Ghazaryan, a student of the Young Archaeologists school, shared his plans.


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