Archaeologists have deciphered the inscription on the tombstone of “Blessed Mary”

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(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists managed to decipher the inscription on the tombstone of “Blessed Mary”, which was created during the Byzantine era. At the same time, the age of the tombstone reaches 1400 years. Archaeologists added that the tombstone appeared in the late sixth and early seventh centuries AD.

The tombstone was discovered by accident by one of the employees of the Israel Parks and Nature Administration. On one of the paths, he noticed a stone that interested him. David Palmach also saw an inscription in Greek on the stone.

The stone was immediately photographed and delivered to the State Treasury. After some time, Leah De Senyi was able to decipher the inscription, which concerned a woman who lived 1400 years ago and who died on February 9.

Eran Doron stated that nothing more is known about the woman except that she lived a blameless life. The specialist added that, most likely, Maria was a woman with a fairly high status in society.

After study, Mary’s tombstone was added to the collection of tombstones belonging to the early Christians that were buried in the Nitzana area. There are very few of them today, but gradually the collection is being replenished.


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