Archaeologists found the remains of witches burned at the stake for killing children

(ORDO NEWS) — In the city of Bochnia, which is located in Poland, archaeologists accidentally found the remains of two women who were burned alive. Such a find came across to specialists during the restoration work, which were carried out on the local market.

According to scientists, these women lived about three centuries ago. Experts also added that it is known about three women who were burned alive in this city in 1679. But so far only two skeletons from three have been found.

Experts said that, most likely, these women were accused not only of witchcraft, but also of murdering several children. Then they were burned right in the city market. It is worth noting that such a punishment was used quite often in the Middle Ages, and in this way they wanted to show people how witches go straight to hell.

To date, experts are further examining the remains, but they have already said that the women were buried in the same place immediately after being burned. The reason for this is that people who were accused of such crimes could not be buried next to the church.

Considering the historical sources, 13 women were burned for witchcraft in Bochnia. The archives even have the names of these women and tell about what they did.


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