Archaeologists found an unusual mummy: they have not seen anything like it before

(ORDO NEWS) — Australian archaeologists have discovered a completely new way of burying bodies in ancient Egypt. A new study reveals that the specialists managed to find a “mud mummy”. This method of burial involved placing the body of the deceased in a special clay sink,.

To date, this mummy was the first to be buried in this way. Scientists are researching it using computed tomography. This discovery was made during the study of the mummy, which was in the museum of the University of Sydney. It was donated to the museum by Sir Charles Nicholson.

This mummy was first studied in 1999, but at that time experts assumed that the clay shell could only act as a defense. But, as it was possible to establish later, it was a kind of clay sarcophagus. The experts discovered the name Merua on the clay. The woman died around 1000 BC.

An interesting point was that the body does not belong to Merua. In fact, there was a woman in the sarcophagus who died at the age of 26-35. The scanning also revealed that between the two dense layers of the canvas there is an additional layer of dirt, thoroughly mixed with the straw.


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