Archaeologists found a human burial, which is more than 70 thousand years old

(ORDO NEWS) — In Africa, researchers have discovered the burial of a child. Today it is the oldest burial ever discovered on the continent. Bone fragments showed that the skeleton belongs to a child. The find was found in one of the Kenyan caves of Panga-i-Saidi.

Reported by CENIEH.

A detailed study of the burial site showed that many people participated in the burial. This means that the ancient people lived collectively, showed sympathy. The baby was gently laid on its right side, legs crossed and pulled up to the chest, which resembles the fetal position.

The body was wrapped in something like a shroud, possibly the leaves of unknown plants. A pillow was placed under the child’s head. This explains the unnatural curvature of the neck. The burial was found at the bottom of the cave. Perhaps its unique climate helped preserve the remains. Bone studies showed that the baby was 2-3 years old, and he was buried immediately after death. The body was decomposed already in the grave.

Maria Martin-Torres – The author of this study claims that this burial may be the oldest found on the continent. The age of the remains is supposedly 78 thousand years.

Fewer graves have been found in Africa than on other continents. Therefore, this find is of great value for archaeologists and historians.


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