Archaeologists found a dagger that belonged to a mysterious civilization

(ORDO NEWS) — In the state of Tamil Nadu in India, experts have discovered ancient burial places and several ancient buildings, which indicate that there used to be a very wealthy city here. A blade was found in one of the graves, which is directly related to some mysterious civilization.

It is reported by Smithsonian Magazine.

The dagger was found by archaeologists in the small village of Kontagay, which is located in the southern part of India. A certain city existed at this place about 2500 years ago. Scientists do not know which civilization the discovered artifact belonged to. It is also unknown why this civilization died.

The iron dagger has become the most valuable find in this region. It is completely rusty, but its wooden handle is quite well preserved. The artifact was in a special burial urn along with the remains of, presumably, a warrior. The blade reaches a length of almost 40 centimeters. The archaeologists were very upset that the dagger broke in half under the influence of corrosion. Despite this, scientists can get quite a lot of important information.

R. Sivanandam said that weapons of this type were used by warriors from about the 3rd century BC and up to the 3rd century AD. This time was called the Sangam period. At the moment, the blade has been transferred to the laboratory for a more detailed study and analysis. Due to the fact that a partially preserved wooden handle, specialists will be able to determine the age of the artifact as accurately as possible.


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