Archaeologists find Bronze Age jewelry in France

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France, a huge number of Bronze Age artifacts have been discovered, which include not only a variety of weapons, but also jewelry. They were all buried in special pots. Experts believe that, most likely, these were offerings to some specific gods.

This is reported by Pour la Science.

Incredible finds were made during the excavation of a fortified settlement, created back in 800 BC. The pots themselves were buried almost three millennia ago. Several hundred various items made of bronze have survived to this day in excellent condition. This was told by Pierre-Yves-Milsent, who took part in the study of artifacts.

Ceramic vessels contained jewelry for women and children. One contained a variety of weapons, another contained wheel parts and ornaments made specifically for chariots. Moreover, each of the pots necessarily contained a small bronze hatchet. Such offerings could be used to provide the locals with a sense of divine protection.

The rest of the finds, which were found this summer in this area, were transferred to the laboratory and at the moment specialists are engaged in a thorough analysis of them.


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