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Archaeologists explore the sunken ancient flagship of the Danish king

Archaeologists explore the sunken ancient flagship of the Danish king

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists examined an ancient ship that belonged to the king of Denmark. The work was carried out by scientists from Lund University.

In the years 1397-1523 there was the Kalmar Union, which periodically fell apart. It was an attempt to unite the Scandinavian states of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, which failed due to contradictions between the elites of the countries.

Sometimes these contradictions escalated into armed conflicts. So, the Danish king Johann Oldenburg in 1495 tried to subdue the Swedish regent and went with the army and fleets to Sweden.

However, failure awaited him, since the royal flagship Gribshunden (“Gripshunden”) crashed off the Swedish coast near the city of Ronneby.

According to historical records, the ship burst into flames in the parking lot, resulting in many casualties.

Now Brendan Foley and his colleagues have examined it, and have made many finds. They found artillery weapons, personal firearms, as well as the main elements of the steering and poop (stern superstructure of the ship).

According to Foley, the ship is very well preserved, and the 3D models of individual parts of the ship that were taken allowed scientists to make the first digital reconstruction of this ship.

Scientists have recreated the device of the Gripskhunden poop, which during the sea voyage was probably occupied by the king, his retinue, as well as gunners and helmsmen.

Digital reconstructions of the stem, hawse, through which the anchor lines passed, gave an idea of ​​the placement of the ship’s crew in the forward part of the deck, as well as the ship’s control.

However, there were no traces of fire anywhere on the ship, which is reported by written sources. To clarify this issue, archaeologists will conduct additional research.


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