Archaeologists discovered the remains of more than 100 children with coins in their mouths

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — When archaeologists conducted a study of the mass grave made in the 16-17th century, they found the remains of a huge number of children with coins in their mouths.

Back in 2019, during the construction of a new road, workers discovered several human remains. At the very beginning, experts thought that once upon a time there was an old cemetery in this territory, but as a result of excavations it turned out something else was done. But further studies have confirmed the original version of the experts. Archaeologists have found the remains of 115 bodies, most of which were children.

During a more thorough study of the remains, experts found ancient coins in the children’s mouths. Experts said that such a custom dates back to Obol Charon, which was used before the advent of Christianity. The custom was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Charon had to pay a certain amount for transporting the soul of a deceased person across the river, which supposedly is the border between the world of the dead and the living. This custom was supported by Christians in Europe throughout the 20th century.

Most of the coins that were found in the children’s mouth have the date of the reign of Sigismund III Vasa, who was the supreme monarch in Poland in 1587-1632. In addition, coins with a later dating were discovered.

Now archaeologists are trying to understand what exactly happened on that site in the 16-17th century. Katarzyna Oleszek is convinced that they discovered a section of the old cemetery where only children were buried. After the remains are more carefully studied, they will be reburied in the local church.


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