Archaeologists discovered a sacred complex in biblical Tire

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists from different countries during the next excavations in Lebanon have found the ruins of an ancient religious complex, which is mentioned in the Bible. It is worth noting that it was built on the territory of the Phoenician capital Tire during the reign of the Roman Empire.

The history of this city began 5000 years ago. Tire is mentioned many times in many written sources and the Bible is no exception. It is described as a very important not only economic, but also a political center, with which the main world powers of those times reckoned.

During excavations, archaeologists found the remains of a huge structure. They believe that it was most likely a temple complex. Dating has shown that a lot of time was spent on the construction. At the same time, the construction was divided into two stages. The first was carried out in the early Roman period. The second stage, completed in the late Roman period, involved a large-scale reconstruction. The main building was rectangular. She stood on a huge platform made of sandstone and limestone blocks.

The entrance to this temple was decorated with massive columns and a podium. For the walls, sandstone blocks were also used, which by now have almost completely collapsed. Experts have discovered traces of a strong tsunami that destroyed part of the temple complex and the city in the sixth century AD. After that, some more structures were built.


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