Archaeologist who discovered Egyptian tomb talks about the curse of the pharaoh

(ORDO NEWS) — The ancient Egyptian belief says that anyone who disturbed the peace of the deceased ruler will be punished. The opening of the tomb leads to misfortune, disease and death. Archaeologists who have found Tutankhamun have already encountered this.

Tutankhamun was discovered in the Valley of the Kings. Archaeologist Howard Carter drew attention to the inscription left on the tomb: “Death on wings will come to the one who disturb the peace of the Pharaoh.” Was it a coincidence, but after 4 months Lord Carnarvon, who sponsored Carter’s excavations, died. Also 6 archaeologists left the world.

Not so long ago, scientists discovered the tomb of the priest Vakhtye in Sakkara, who served during the Fifth Dynasty of Neferirkare. During excavations, experts came across a mine filled with mummified cats. According to historians, this tomb is dedicated to the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet.

Ahmed Mansour, a member of the archaeological team, shared with the oddities that began to happen after descending into the mine. So, if earlier the cats at the house ran to the man, now they bypass him by the tenth road. Maybe they somehow smelled and recognized the smell of their dead relatives.

The cat tomb was discovered at Bubasteum, a temple complex built in honor of Bastet. The Egyptians in the past actively sacrificed cats to appease the goddess.

So far, none of the archaeologists have died, but strange things began to happen. Some believe that this is the curse of the pharaoh, while others are looking for a reasonable explanation for a whole series of troubles.


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