Archaeologist has opened an Egyptian tomb and now cats bypass him

(ORDO NEWS) —┬áDuring excavation of tombs, strange things often happen. So, one mystical story is associated with the study of the tomb of Bastet – the goddess of cats. The curse does not subside even after the completion of all work, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

For two years now, specialists have been working in the tomb of the high priest Vakhtye, who served under Pharaoh Neferirkare. The burial place is located in the Saqqara Desert – in the Bubasteum temple complex, erected in honor of the goddess of cats Bastet.

The tomb was built 4400 years ago in the rock. Some frescoes with images of Vakhtiye and members of his family have been preserved in it. While exploring the premises, scientists stumbled upon a mine, and in it – a lot of cat corpses. It is known that cats are closely related to Egyptian culture.

Anyone who decides to disturb the peace of the departed will be cursed. This is especially true of the pharaohs, experts say. Archaeologists will be haunted by problems, misfortunes and diseases. Recent events make one believe that some kind of evil spirit is still present.

According to team member Hamad Shehat Ahmed Mansoor, after the first descent into the mine, the cats began to avoid him. They immediately run away as soon as they see a man, as if they are afraid. Not so long ago, everything was different: cats ran up to Hamad to stroke them.

Interestingly, the Egyptians did not sacrifice their cats: they bought them from the priests, who most likely bred these animals. Details of the excavation at Saqqara are presented in the Netflix documentary Secrets of the Tomb of Saqqara. No one can say for sure whether a team member is really haunted by a curse or whether the cats just smelled the smell of their dead relatives. Maybe the smell of the tomb scares them away.


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