Apple Pay is limited in Russia

(ORDO NEWS) — Pay-services have become our everything. Especially often today they use Apple Pay, but now its work has been limited. We figure out what it touched and what to do now.

After leaving the Russian market, Apple turned off its popular Pay service for sanctioned banks. What should users do and what domestic analogues are better to use?

“We have suspended all product sales in Russia. Last week we suspended exports through all distribution channels.

Restrictions are also being introduced on the operation of Apple Pay and other services, ”the company said in its appeal. However, how will these “restrictions” affect ordinary Russians? Let’s figure it out.

Initially, the payment service was blocked only for cards and terminals of banks that fell under sanctions. This was planned to be done when Apple was only thinking about restrictions.

Now that they have been announced, the company has announced that Apple Pay will be partially limited, but there have been no details from company representatives on how exactly.

How to replace Apple Pay

Russia also has its own Pay-services, except for Google, Apple and Samsung. For example, Sber Pay and Yandex Pay can replace country-limited programs.

The Mir Pay service is also working, which now, most likely, has taken over most of the load after the shutdown of popular foreign payment applications.

Now you can connect these services and switch to using them quite simply – there should not be any problems with this.

Due to the fact that they use the entire Russian infrastructure, there should also be no interruptions in their work, even with the most serious sanctions.

The safest thing right now is to use the cards of the Mir payment system along with one of the Russian Pay applications that we have listed.


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