Apple is developing a new kind of biometrics. AirPods will scan users’ ear canals

(ORDO NEWS) — While the FaceID function of the iPhone is trying to get closer to the ideal, AirPods may have their own owner identification system. Perhaps the headphones will “determine their owner” by its shape of the ear canal!

It seems that our gadgets will soon know absolutely everything about us…

Apple has filed a patent for a biometric ear device that uses ultrasonic signals to create a “digital impression”. Such technology can reduce the risk of theft of expensive headphones, since AirPods simply will not work with “strange ears”.

It is important to note that obtaining a patent does not mean that the development has entered the market. Apple registered many devices and technologies that remained only on paper.

In addition, AirPods are not specifically mentioned in the patent, which suggests that the technology or product may be released under a different name.

Perhaps Apple just wants to expand the ways of recognizing the owner of technology. The technology will act as a new form of biometrics, just like FaceID and fingerprint recognition.

The very principle of operation of the device will be to emit ultrasonic waves. The signal will bounce off the surface of the user’s ear canal (and everyone’s ear canal is different), generating an echo with a unique signature.

“For example, a user with a larger ear canal will have an echo that will have a longer reverberation time than a user with a smaller ear canal,” says the Apple patent.


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