Apple invents MacBook with built-in wireless charging

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2020, Apple began to bring the most innovative solutions to its line of MacBook laptops. For example, some of the devices are powered by the company’s proprietary ARM processor – Apple M1. And now there is information that the company has invented a MacBook with built-in wireless charging.

Moreover, according to the patent documents, the apple company is considering two options for placing the coils at once when implementing the plan. The first provides for the placement of three induction coils (one in the touchpad and one on each side), and according to the second, the charging “blocks” will be placed evenly throughout the body, reports The Verge.

fig 1

Interestingly, in the second case, the devices can be charged by placing them on top of each other. At least the patent image shows how a smartphone is lying on a laptop, on which, in turn, a smart watch is located.

fig 2

When exactly Apple plans to release a MacBook with the new feature is unknown.


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