Apple and Google sued for Chinese copy of the famous computer game

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — It became known that the largest American companies Apple and Google sued for the Chinese copy of the famous computer game. Moreover, the lawsuit was filed by the famous game developer Ubisoft.

It is reported that the case went to court because of the game Area F2, which, according to Ubisoft, is “almost a complete copy” of the shooter game developer Rainbow Six: Siege. ”R6: Siege is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world. AF2 copies almost all the elements of the game – from the choice of operatives to the screensaver with the results of matches,” the developer’s representatives shared.

It is noted that Ubisoft planned to resolve this issue without a court. So, representatives of the game manufacturer contacted Apple and Google with a request to remove the game from company’s app stores before filing a lawsuit. However, apparently, the companies ignored the request, in connection with which Ubisoft planned to remove Area F2 from Google Play and the Apple Store using a court.


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