Apocalyptic ascending lightning erupts from the crater of Mount Merapi in Indonesia

(ORDO NEWS) — Another eruption… Instead of a lava eruption, lightning erupted from the crater of the Indonesian volcano Merapi. Insane!

This is just another epic video of rising lights coming from the crater of Mount Merapi in Indonesia

The amazing video was captured by a FREKOM Merapi CCTV camera on Mount Merapi, located in the park of the tourist village of Kemirikekbo, on October 11, 2022.

Mount Merapi is a stratovolcano located north of Yogyakarta, the capital of the Indonesian province of Central Java. At 9,737 feet, the mountain is Indonesia’s most active volcano, with major eruptions occurring every 5 to 10 years on average.

Its turbulent nature has claimed thousands of lives over the years, many of which perished in pyroclastic flows—deadly flows of super-hot gas and volcanic matter—that slide effortlessly down the steep slopes of Merapi.


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