Apocalypse in Antarctica: volcanoes under ice can erupt and make the Earth uninhabitable

(ORDO NEWS) — The apocalypse could start from Antarctica. So, according to the conclusions of experts, if volcanoes wake up on the territory, then the whole planet will be under water. Melt water, like lubricant, can move massive glaciers.

About 5 thousand scientists from different parts of the world work in Antarctica on a permanent basis. Experts were shocked when they found more than a hundred dormant volcanoes. At any moment, the giants can wake up, making the territory of age-old ice the largest volcanic region on the planet.

The activity of the discovered volcanoes has a direct impact on the rest of the world. According to John Smelli of the University of Leicester, volcanoes form huge caverns at the base of the ice and produce large amounts of melt water.

The West Arctic ice sheet is already wet. It is like an ice cube on a countertop: the melted part acts as a lubricant, it can provoke another ice sheet to move.

The Arctic is a storehouse of more than 80% of fresh water. The volumes are enough to raise the level of the World Ocean by 60 meters in case of melting.


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