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Anxiety and sugar why you should cut down on sweets

Anxiety and sugar why you should cut down on sweets

(ORDO NEWS) — The presence of a large amount of sweet in the human diet can provoke numerous problems. Overweight may appear, as well as sweets control mood, because there are jumps in insulin in the blood.

As a result of this, severe anxiety can develop, and the mood will constantly change. Ordinary anxiety is considered quite normal, which passes with time. Sometimes it can turn into a fairly serious mental disorder.

Some people are very familiar with the fact that when they eat something sweet, they immediately improve their mood and feel a surge of energy.

At the same time, things can be much more dangerous than they seem. Some time ago, experts conducted a study that showed that sweets cannot have a positive effect on a person’s mood.

The effect is completely opposite. The risk of developing mood disorders is significantly increased.

In addition, excessive consumption of sweets leads to the fact that a person begins to cope with stress worse.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis found that sugar keeps the hormone cortisol from being released, so anxiety is minimized. At the same time, dependence may develop over time, and the risk of obesity also increases several times.

It is extremely difficult to give up sweets, but it is worth remembering that gradually the feeling of fatigue and sadness will only get worse, which can result in serious depression.

An excess of sweets can provoke an imbalance of chemicals in the human brain, which can provoke not only a depressive state, but also a variety of mental disorders.

Eating large amounts of sugar can provoke a condition that is very similar to panic attacks. In addition, a person becomes restless, irritable, feels causeless fatigue and confusion.

If you refuse sweets, then in this case a condition may appear that is very much like withdrawal from drug addicts.


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