Antiviral agent found in human blood that protects against all strains of COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — In the human body found a special antiviral agent. Researchers believe that it is able to effectively protect against absolutely all strains of COVID-19.

Scientists from the USA conducted a study and found that in the human body there are extracellular vesicles evACE2, which contain the ACE2 protein.

It is with its help that a variety of strains of coronavirus are blocked. It is worth noting that this agent is considered a natural antiviral defense.

Those preclinical experiments that have already been carried out by specialists have demonstrated that these vesicles are able to neutralize very many strains of the virus, and it is also quite possible that they will cope with future variants.

Vesicles act as a “bait” for the virus that has entered the human body. They distract it from the ACE2 protein, which is located on the surface of all cells. It is he who is trying to infect the coronavirus as quickly as possible.

Then the vesicles connect with SARS-CoV-2, which ultimately blocks the main functions of the virus. At the same time, a message is transmitted to the immune system about the neutralization of a dangerous pathogen.

The new discovery will allow further development of unique therapeutic agents against COVID-19. At the same time, a huge advantage is that their effectiveness will not decrease even if the next mutation of the virus occurs.

In order to be able to significantly enhance the natural protection, experts are going to create special sprays, as well as many other forms of preparations. They will help to significantly speed up the healing process.


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