Anthropologists believe that “Hobbits” live on the island of Flores

(ORDO NEWS) — Anthropologists put forward an interesting assumption. They believe that “hobbits” may be hiding in the forests of Indonesia. Experts believe that they are hiding in the forests of Flores.

Many people got acquainted with these fabulous creatures from the stories of J. Tolkien.

The writer characterized them as follows: tiny, hungry for breakfast. It may turn out that these creatures are not fiction, but real.

Scientists discovered the remains of humanoid creatures in 2003. Then the species was named in honor of the famous characters from “The Hobbit” Homo floresiensis.

Then, during the expedition, the researchers tried to find at least some traces that could indicate the migration of people to Australia from Asia.

Then on the island of Flores they discovered a skeleton belonging to the human species. It was small in size, preserved in excellent condition.

Initially, anthropologists thought that this type of humanoid lived no more than 12 thousand years ago. The analysis of the remains surprised. It turned out that they lived much earlier, about 60-65 thousand years ago.

Later, anthropology professor Gregory Fort from the University of Alberta shocked the entire anthropological community with a new discovery.

The expert is sure that these predictions could be wrong, and unknown creatures live in the forests to this day. At the very least, those people who live here today may have memories of the Hobbits, Gregory argues.

Now he is writing a new scientific article and wants to raise this topic in it. Omission of such an important detail could have resulted in the loss of a huge amount of information about the mysterious little people.

Local indigenous peoples have in their stories references to people who could turn into animals. Perhaps these are the same hobbits. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the forest further.


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