Antarctica’s fastest melting glacier will raise sea levels by almost half a meter

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have assessed the state of the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica, which is considered one of the largest and fastest melting glaciers in the world.

The study showed that it is even more vulnerable to destruction than thought, according to The Daily Mail.

Pine Island Glacier accounts for about 25% of all ice loss in Antarctica. Scientists were most concerned about the state of the ice shelf off the coast.

Observations have shown that it is getting thinner and thinner. Cases of large icebergs breaking away from its edges have become more frequent.

Recall that ice shelves are located near the coast and do not allow ice flows from the continent to enter the sea.

After their destruction, glaciers located on land become very unstable, and the process of their decay is accelerated.

A new study has found that a combination of melting and calving icebergs will cause the Pine Island Glacier to disappear faster than expected.

Computer modeling has shown that with its complete destruction, the global sea level will rise by half a meter.

In addition, the complete collapse of the glacier will have negative consequences for the whole of West Antarctica, since it plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the West Antarctic ice sheet.


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