Antarctica without COVID-19

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The only continent on which no cases of COVID-19 infection have yet been recorded is Antarctica, according to Johns Hopkins American Research University.

Meanwhile, worldwide, the total number of infected reached 169,387 people, of which 6,513 died.

Quarantine has been introduced in Spain . Residents of the country are prohibited from leaving home, with the exception of trips to work, to the doctor or for groceries. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, whose wife was infected, is also quarantined. In Madrid, by order of local authorities, bars, restaurants, theaters, libraries, museums, and many shops were closed.

Since March 16, Ukraine has been closing the border for foreigners for two weeks. An exception will be made only for persons entitled to permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine, in particular, representatives of official international organizations and diplomatic missions. In two weeks, the issue will be reviewed again.

“We are closing the border for foreigners. The border checkpoints for passenger traffic will be closed. For two weeks, starting from 00:01 on March 16, 2020, foreign citizens will not be able to enter Ukraine: neither by plane, nor by train, nor by car, or by any other means,” President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

Similar measures were taken by Argentina. The border is closed for 15 days with the possibility of extension. Also, until March 31, classes in schools will be stopped in Argentina. People over 65 will have to stay at home, as they are at high risk.

Germany from 8 o’clock on Monday morning imposes restrictions on entry into the country, especially severe – from Austria, Switzerland, France. All public and private events with more than 50 participants are prohibited in Berlin. Closed bars, cinemas, clubs and gyms. Restaurants are still working. A similar ban begins on Monday in Cologne.

All pubs and bars are closed in Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day celebration is canceled. The ban will be valid until at least March 29th.

Serbia declared a state of emergency. The Serbian Ministry of Health previously stated that by Sunday evening, 48 people were infected with coronavirus in the country. The government has limited day prices for food, personal protective equipment and hygiene. The Cabinet of Ministers also banned mass meetings and urged citizens over 65 not to leave home without urgent need.

According to President of the country Alexander Vuchich, from Monday to the end of the school year, schools and universities have been dissolved. Also closed are kindergartens, cafes, restaurants, concert and sports halls.

Professor of constitutional law Slobodan Orlovic explained that, according to the constitution of the country, a state of emergency can last 180 days, or twice 90 days. Measures may include restrictions on movement, freedom of assembly, mandatory medical supervision, school closures and other necessary ways to stabilize the situation.

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A special section has appeared on the Yandex.Maps service , where you can see online how the coronavirus spreads across Russia and the world. As specified in the company, the list and map show relevant data on confirmed cases of infection, recovery and death. Information provided by Rospotrebnadzor and Johns Hopkins University.

At present, 63 coronavirus infected are registered in the Russian Federation. 25 of them – in Moscow, five – in the Moscow region, five – in St. Petersburg, three – in Lipetsk and Kaliningrad, two – in the Leningrad region, Kemerovo and Tyumen region and one – in Nizhny Novgorod, Belgorod, in Transbaikal, Krasnodar and Perm territories, as well as in Chukotka.

On Monday, the Russian government decided to close the border with Belarus.

“We consistently, depending on the development of the pandemic, close our borders. First of all, we did this with China and other Asian countries that were the first to face this threat. They limited air traffic with the EU countries when the virus began to spread there, stopped the entry of foreigners across the border with Poland, Norway, and canceled the railway connection with Latvia, Moldova, and Ukraine. We also decided to close the border with Belarus to move people, we took a number of other proactive steps, ”said Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

In Moscow, a patient escaped from a hospital in Kommunarka, who was quarantined there because of suspected infection with COVID-19. The head physician of the hospital, Denis Protsenko, confirmed the woman’s escape and said that the police are dealing with her case. After a while, the patient was caught and returned to quarantine.

“The worst thing is that from the moment of unauthorized departure to their search by the police, such patients pose a biological threat to the spread of the virus. Once again I urge our patients to be patient and conscious, and we will continue to work for you,” Denis Protsenko.

The infection with coronavirus was reported by actress and model Olga Kurylenko, who is known to many for the film “Quantum of Solace” from the movie series about 007 agent James Bond and the fantastic Oblivion with Tom Cruise.

“Temperature and weakness are my main symptoms. Be careful and take it seriously,” she wrote.

The WHO warned of the dangers of cash due to coronavirus.

“WHO strongly recommended washing their hands and not touching their faces when using cash in payments. The WHO does not make strict recommendations that cash cannot be used, but theoretically cash can also be a channel for the transmission of viruses,” the WHO statement.

Doctors from Hong Kong reported that patients recovering from a new coronavirus infection may suffer from impaired lung function and from suffocation while walking quickly.

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Doctors came to this conclusion after observing cured patients. According to the head doctor of the Princess Hospital Margaret Owen Tsang, of the ten patients discharged, two or three could not do what they did before the disease. “They choke if they start walking a little faster. Some have a 20-30% decrease in lung function, ”said the head physician.

Tsang noted that these patients will undergo further examination to determine how much their lung function is impaired. They will also be prescribed physiotherapy. According to the doctor, it is not yet clear whether such consequences of coronavirus infection become the cause of the development of other lung diseases.

The head of the laboratory for analysis and forecasting of public health at the Institute of Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences Boris Revich believes that one should not rely on warming as a way to save from coronavirus.

“There are some suggestions that at a higher temperature he will leave, but, in my opinion, this is a complete fantasy. The virus came from Wuhan, where the temperature was quite comfortable (average daily temperatures in December-January – plus 10 degrees) at that time, so the virus is unlikely to frighten the increase in ambient temperature,” Boris Revich.

On March 11, the World Health Organization announced the outbreak of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus as a pandemic.


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