Another wild hurricane season expected in 2021

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(ORDO NEWS) — If you remember last year, it was really terrifying. Just imagine there were 30 named storms and 13 hurricanes. Half of the hurricanes were in severe categories (third and higher). It is expected that in 2021 there will be no less activity.

Forbes reports.

If the experts are right, 2021 will be the sixth consecutive active season. Experts also argue that these are irreversible consequences of global warming. The main reason for climate change is human activity. In this way, we can say that the planet is self-cleaning from people.

Perhaps in a couple of seasons there will be a lull. So far, no one can say exactly what awaits us in the future. A whole computer model was developed, which combined a whole forecast of sea surface temperature, wind strength, pressure, humidity and a number of other weather factors. And artificial intelligence has formed a forecast for storms and hurricanes. The simulation program was run 51 times, so the data obtained is considered reliable.

The AI ​​produced the following results. In 2021, 18 named storms and 8 hurricanes are expected. And this is a forecast only for the North Atlantic Basin from June 1 to November 30. Scientists from the University of Colorado and forecasters say 2021 will be like the previous year.

Most of all, people who live in those regions are worried. Because for which year in a row they have been evacuating, restoring their houses, etc. …


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