Another temperature record set in Antarctica

(ORDO NEWS) — When a research station in Antarctica reported unusually warm weather, scientists were shocked.

Temperatures at the Concordia research station on the Antarctic Plateau, known as the coldest place on Earth, rose to an “incredible” -11.5 degrees Celsius on March 18.

The usual high temperature during the day is around -49C. That is, on March 18, a warming of 38 degrees Celsius was observed.

“Most likely, a new world record for the highest excess of temperature above the norm has been set,” Robert Rode tweeted.

According to meteorologists, the temperature on Concordia was a record not only in March, but also an “absolute record” for any month. And it was not the only place where record high temperatures were recorded that day.

Russia‘s research base Vostok, famous for recording the world’s coldest temperature, also reported a high temperature of -17 degrees Celsius, 17 degrees warmer than the daily average.

The temperature surpassed the previous record for March by almost 2 degrees Celsius. The temperature increase was the highest recorded in the last 60 years of data collection.

“Definitely a very interesting and unusual set of meteorological events triggered this event,” Professor Cerveny told CNN.

There was a “damp tributary of the atmospheric river,” Prof. Cerveny said. And there was also an intrusion of very hot air, rare at this time of year, into the Antarctic Plateau. The arrival of moisture captured hot air, which led to an increase in temperatures in East Antarctica.


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