Another strain of coronavirus discovered that could be even more contagious

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — American scientists have conducted several more studies as a result of which a completely new strain of coronavirus was discovered. It can actually turn out to be even more aggressive and contagious than the strain that spread at the beginning of the pandemic.

Specialists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory found that COVID-19 mutated and turned into a new strain. It was he who began to spread at the very beginning of February directly in Europe. Gradually, a new virus replaced the one that appeared originally in China. It soon became the dominant version. The same option also fell into the territory of North America, where it began to spread with incredible speed.

A new virus can neutralize antibodies produced by an infected organism much faster and more efficiently. It is worth noting that today the virus still continues to mutate. In this regard, all the efforts that are made to create a vaccine may not bring any result at all.

Bill Hanage said that not only viruses, but also other dangerous microorganisms can mutate in order to overcome human immunity. This makes it sometimes very difficult to develop an effective vaccine.


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