Another secret of the construction of the Cheops pyramid is revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — The Cheops pyramid is called by experts the largest on the Giza plateau. Until today, it has been preserved in excellent condition. Scientists say that its approximate age can reach 4500 years. Archaeologists have been trying for a long time to understand exactly what methods were used to build it. There are many different theories about this, but thanks to the scanning of the pyramid, new facts were discovered.

Most of the scientists are sure that the pyramid was built directly for the Pharaoh Cheops for twenty years. The length of the building is 140 meters. The new version says that the stone blocks were dragged from the quarry, which is located nearby. Then they were lifted with the help of devices specially made for this.

Engineer Peter James said that things are a little different. He believes that the construction of the pyramid began from the foundation. Due to this, it was possible to initially determine the desired shape of the pyramid. He is sure that initially the builders lined up the four corners, and then the blocks began to be lifted up to fill in the gaps left between them. As the pyramid grew in size, the block sizes got smaller.

Many other experts fully agreed with the hypothesis that the construction of this huge pyramid really began precisely from the corners. Then ramps were inserted inside the building. Last but not least, the Egyptians dealt with the burial chamber, which is located at a height of 50 meters. A similar construction scheme was also used during the construction of the “Broken” pyramid, which is located in Dakhshur.

The pyramid has very large lower blocks. Gradually, they begin to divide into smaller ones. This proves that exactly the same scheme was used during the construction of the Cheops pyramid.


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