Another red giant close to Earth began to rapidly lose brightness

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(ORDO NEWS) — At the beginning of the last year, all experts talked about the star Betelgeuse, which began to lose its brightness rather quickly. Astronomers expected a supernova explosion to occur, but after a while, the star’s brightness began to recover. But now another red giant, the Wi-Wai star, is in exactly the same state.

The star is huge. Its diameter is almost 2000 times larger than that of the Sun. VY Canis Major is located at a distance of four thousand light years from our planet. If such a star explodes, then, most likely, a huge black hole will remain in its place.

VY Big Dog, like Betelgeuse, began to lose its brightness. Experts assume that the reason for this is the presence of some object. Since the star is located not far from Betelgeuse, this object first blocked its light, and then moved to the Vi-Wai line of sight. Most experts believe that the object could be a black hole, behind which a huge cloud of dust extends.

At the same time, its gravity refracts the light emanating from the Wi-Wai and acts like a lens. It has not yet been possible to establish exactly which object caused the loss of the star’s brightness, but experts are closely monitoring its state.

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