Another outbreak of mucormycosis recorded in India

(ORDO NEWS) — In India, the situation is now dire due to the Nars-Cov-2 pandemic. In addition to the fact that a lung infection takes hundreds of lives every day, it has also become the cause of the development of fungal infections of the lungs. First, patients who had undergone coronavirus were found to have “black mold” in their lungs. Now in India, in the city of Kolkata, cases of “white fungus” have been recorded.

It is reported by the BBC.

Scientists said that in nature there are three types of “white fungus”: Aspergillus, Candida auris, Albicans. All three are fatal to human health. These fungi are very common in nature.

Candida, for example, is found everywhere, on all surfaces. Aspergilla is often found in air conditioning and heating systems. But getting into the human body, they become deadly.

People who have recovered from coronavirus have a weakened immune system, so hospital patients begin to fall ill with mucormycosis en masse. Scientists are sounding the alarm because the fungus has appeared in hospitals due to non-compliance with sanitary standards.

Dr. Arunalok Chakrabarti says it is very difficult to diagnose white mold in a person’s lungs. Symptoms of infection include fever, white thrush in the nose, lungs, low blood pressure, and so on. Treatment for mucormiosis is very expensive, only one drug is effective.


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