Another negative consequence of COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — The body of those people who are faced with the coronavirus becomes very weak. Experts said that the organs of some patients in a short period of time can age for several decades at once. Reported by The New York Time.

Almost two million people took part in the study. 89 thousand volunteers had previously suffered a coronavirus, and the rest of the disease bypassed.

Scientists said that in people aged 30-40 years, the kidneys lose about 1% of their functions every year. But after the body has overcome the coronavirus, more significant losses begin to occur and as a result, some kind of chronic pathology may even develop.

It should be noted that it is the kidneys that are considered the most sensitive organs to infections. They also react sharply to any changes in the immune system. Kidney function can also be impaired by poor blood clotting.

The study showed that in almost five thousand patients per year, the kidneys lost about 30% of their functions. Dr. Ziyad Al-Ali noted that this can be compared with aging an organ for 30 years.

The coronavirus, which runs without symptoms, also has certain consequences. It makes itself felt with complications such as pleurisy, pancreatitis, pneumonia, problems with the nervous system.

During the study, specialists took into account anonymous medical data obtained from the US Veterans Health Administration. Most of the patients are men, whose age is within 68 years.


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