Another mystery of the Bermuda Triangle revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — The Bermuda Triangle is famous for a variety of mysterious events, but this time it will not be about the disappearance of ships and aircraft or greenish fogs that appear over the water surface. There is another mystery that tormented the researchers of the Bermuda Triangle, it concerned the strange marks found on the bodies of the inhabitants of the sea. It turned out that it was all about glowing sharks.

On the territory of this mysterious place is the Puerto Rican Trench, which is one of the deepest places on the planet. The depth of the gutter is more than 9 thousand meters. Sunlight does not get there, while unusual species of fish live in it. For example, Brazilian luminous sharks, which are usually no more than 60 centimeters in length. The people of Great Britain called them “cookiecutter shark” (“sharks with a cookie cutter”). The fact is that these predatory creatures leave behind bites of an unusual shape.

Until recently, researchers believed that these marks found on sea creatures have some connection with the unsolved mystery of the famous Bermuda Triangle. However, thanks to new research, it became clear that there is no mysticism here. True, it has not yet been possible to find out where ships and planes disappeared in this region before.


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