Another mystery found in a Mayan cave – red and black prints of people

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(ORDO NEWS) — In Mexico, archaeologists found more than 100 handprints in one of the caves. The underground entrance to the cave is located 10 meters underground. Ceiba, a sacred Mayan tree, grows above the cave itself.

The Independent reports.

A total of 137 red and black human hand prints were found. Analysis of the paint with which the images were applied showed that the prints are more than 1.2 thousand years old. What is remarkable, the prints were made not by adults, but mainly by children.

Sergio Grohana (an archaeologist studying prints) suggests that the handprints may be part of the coming-of-age rite. He thinks that the black trail symbolizes the end of childhood, and the red ones – the beginning of adulthood.

However, this is just an unfounded assumption. A detailed study of the cave can provide more answers to the questions of historians and archaeologists.

Also, on one of the walls of the cave, they found an old engraving depicting a human face and relief sculptures. These findings are dated 800-1000 AD.

At one time, on these lands, the Mayans built stone cities and lived here. But a severe drought forced people to leave the place in search of a more livable region.


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