Another mysterious monolith found in Romania

(ORDO NEWS) — In Romania, on November 26, another unknown monolith was found, the appearance of which previously puzzled the inhabitants of the American state of Utah.

The Romanian monolith is located on a hill near the town of Piatra Neamt near the ruins of the Dacian fortress of Petrodava.

The authorities announced that experts are studying the strange occurrence of “a monolith about four meters high.

The structure in Romania is different from Utah: it is not a rectangle, but a trapezoid with a beveled top. There are also patterns on the surface.

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Earlier it was reported that employees of the Department of Public Safety of Utah found a metal structure in the desert in two human height. A few days later, the structure disappeared.

According to the local land administration office, “an illegally installed structure called a ‘monolith’ was removed … by an unknown party.”

Who created this missing “monolith” is unknown, as well as where it disappeared.


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