Another mysterious monolith appeared in Turkey: the object is guarded by the military with machine guns

(ORDO NEWS) — Scott Waring in his blog stated that another strange monolith was discovered. This time the find was made on the territory of Turkey near the archaeological site, which is 1200 years old. Previously, there was an ancient temple.

In the video that was made at the site of the detection of this object, you can see that there is a special barrage tape around it. It was hung up so that people did not come close to this object.

The most interesting moment was the presence of military men with machine guns around the monolith. They were placed for protection, although why guard the monolith remains a mystery.

Waring suggested that if the object were ordinary, then it is unlikely that the Turkish government would send military to it and so carefully guarded the territory.

Only one version comes to mind, why the military was put there. This artifact has something to do with extraterrestrial civilizations and may pose a threat to the country. The object will be guarded until experts finish studying it.


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