Animals climbed on a snake to escape floods in Australia

(ORDO NEWS) — Surprisingly, the snake did not try to get rid of the uninvited guests.

Small animals rode a large black snake as they became trapped in a rainwater reservoir in Queensland that was flooded after heavy rain.

In the video, two frogs, a couple of mice and a beetle are desperately trying not to drown by climbing onto a reptile, and most surprisingly, the snake did not try to throw off its comrades in misfortune.

Eyewitnesses of the incident decided to help the animals get out of the tank with the help of a device that was at hand. This forced the snake to begin to move actively, as a result of which small animals fell from it into the water.

However, it is reported that everything ended well in the end – all the animals were pulled out of the tank.

South East Queensland has been hit by severe flash flooding since Friday after days of heavy rain. Australian meteorologists said the rain will ease in the coming days.


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