Animals can help fight Covid-19: unexpected statement by scientists

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to experts from the University of Texas at Austin, Ghent University of Belgium and the National Institute of Health, llamas can come in handy to save humanity from the coronavirus.

As it was found out, llamas have a unique immune system that can identify any “invaders” – bacteria and viruses. Their body can produce several types of antibodies. More detailed information on this subject will appear in the report of scientists, which should be published after May 5.

Specialists were able to bind llama antibodies by naming the compound VHH-72Fc. According to preliminary data, the antibody complex is attached to the spike-shaped protein of the coronavirus and thereby blocks its distribution.

There are no other antibodies against Covid-19, and the first variants of the compound are more experimental. In the near future, clinical trials will be conducted on animals, in particular primates. If the experiments are successful, one can look for volunteers.

Today, 3.4 million people are sick in the world, humanity urgently needs a vaccine. Unfortunately, the mass use of the developed tools is still a long way off.


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