Animal rights activists have declared the threat of the population of frogs due to their eating by Europeans

(ORDO NEWS) — Pro Wildlife has issued a report stating that the frog population is in danger. A number of EU countries are actively importing the legs of these amphibians, which can lead to their mass reduction and the use of toxic insecticides.

Animal rights activists refer to Eurostat data, according to which from 2010 to 2019 more than 40 thousand tons of frog legs were imported into the European Union.

The main importers are Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Most of the products (74%) they receive from Indonesia, the delicacy also comes from Turkey (4%) and Albania (0.7%).

Representatives of the organization say that the US also imports large volumes of frogs, but in their case, these are mainly amphibians grown on special farms. Whereas frogs caught in the wild are sent to the EU countries.

Pro Wildlife believes that this could lead to an environmental disaster. According to them, due to the abolition of the export quota in Indonesia for the giant Javan frog, the number of representatives of this species has been dangerously reduced.

There has also been a serious decline in the number of Anatolian frogs in Turkey. If caught in the same numbers as now, they may disappear within the next ten years. Albanian water frogs are under threat in Albania.

Animal rights activists ask to pay attention to the fact that frogs are an important part of the global ecosystem.

Due to the decline in their population, the destruction of insects will have to be replaced by toxic insecticides and other substances instead of a natural process.


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