Andrew Klein created screws with completely disappearing grooves on the head

(ORDO NEWS) — The Youtuber-inventor has created a screw with an unusual design: the socket for the screwdriver disappears completely when the tool is removed. Let’s take a closer look at the new invention of Andrew Klein.

According to blogger-inventor Andrew Klein, such screws will give the furniture more “aesthetics”. However, he is in no hurry to launch them into mass production.

Who is Andrew Klein?

Andrew Klein is a brilliant American carpenter, manufacturer and designer who is also known on social media for his work.

Combining his creativity and skills in woodworking, he perfects innovation. His woodwork has made Andrew famous on social media and other online platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Andrew started woodworking around 2006. Initially, the young inventor decided to run a YouTube channel just for fun, and at that time he did not yet know that he would become famous thanks to his own talent.

Andrew Klein devoted his YouTube channel entirely to the woodworking process and today it has an audience of 136,000 subscribers.

Unusual screws: a new invention by Andrew Klein

According to Gizmodo , inventor Andrew Klein introduced a kind of “Grooveless Screw” (it doesn’t have an official name yet).

The head of the screw looks like it is a metal plate that covers the hole for the screwdriver. However, in the video below, Andrew inserts a brass rod into the middle of the cap, which opens up a hole for a screwdriver.

The secret of the design lies in the fact that the center of the screw head is made for a specific screwdriver and is spring loaded, so it always merges with the head.

Andrew’s workmanship is so perfect that the seam is almost invisible to the naked eye, but when a special tool is inserted (which fits the screw’s unique three prong groove), the plug is pressed in and the screw can be screwed in or out.

Here’s what it looks like:

Klein has yet to come up with an official name for the new design. He also does not intend to launch it into mass production.

Through the YouTube channel, the inventor wants to see if the device is interesting enough to other woodworkers and furniture designers to take the next steps towards improving the design.


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