Ancient volcano wakes up in Germany

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(ORDO NEWS) — Near the Eifel lake, which is located in Germany, an ancient volcano begins to gradually wake up, which can cause a terrible disaster. The last volcanic eruption was recorded 13 thousand years ago. At the moment, experts have noticed the activity of the volcano and believe that soon it may fully wake up, reports the the Geophysical Journal International.

After conducting another study, experts noticed that the earth began to rise next to the ancient underground volcano. Today they are exploring the western part of Germany. The scientists added that the ground level near the Eifel Lake rises by 1 mm every year.

At the moment, the volcano shows little activity and it is recorded deep enough. It is possible that in the next few years, he may fully wake up and then begin to erupt. In this case, magma can quickly reach the surface of the earth and damage huge areas around.

So far, experts have not received any statements about how long the volcano can take to wake up completely. At the same time, experts added that there is no reason for panic, because this may not happen.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that as a result of the last eruption of this volcano, there was a dead zone around it for several millennia. There were no vegetation or animals on a large territory. The Eifel volcano is a separate region located in the Eifel mountains in Germany.

At the moment, experts say that you should not panic. But still, if the volcano wakes up, then it will not be possible to avoid a global catastrophe. Huge territories will be burned out, many people will be left without a roof over their heads.


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