Ancient viruses wake up in the Arctic circle: new epidemics are brewing

(ORDO NEWS) — Global warming leads to the release of ancient viruses from the permafrost, to which modern people are extremely vulnerable. Perhaps, in the future, people will be overcome by many diseases.

In 2016, an outbreak of anthrax occurred in Yamal. Then the military groups cleared the area from the remains of livestock, since it was in their corpses that the virus could be stored. 20 people became infected, and one died – a child from a family of reindeer herders. The epidemic was contained.

According to Viktor Maleev, director for scientific work of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, Rospotrebnadzor, the main danger is represented by cattle burial grounds. Remains of animals, “preserved in ice, contain many dangerous viruses and bacteria.

Warming leads to the disappearance of ice and, as a result, the release of invisible enemies. Who knows what will progress in the future other than anthrax.

In 2007, scientists who arrived from France found microorganisms in the permafrost about 500 thousand years old, which were in an active state. Experts from the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine a couple of years ago discovered organisms that are 3.5 million years old in the soils of Mammoth Mountain (Yakutia). Some of them turned out to be unknown to science.

Pithovirussibericu was opened in 2014. This is a kind of giant virus, which is 30 thousand years old. The length of one virus is 1.5 micrometers. Fortunately, this infection is not dangerous to humans: only amoebas are infected with it.

Bacteria and viruses have mutated to survive in harsh environments. This means that people can face epidemics that will not respond to treatment. It is still difficult to assess the scale of possible disasters.


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