Ancient temple with evidence of unknown rituals found in Egypt

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of archaeologists have described the Temple of the Falcon, found on the territory of the ancient seaport of Berenice in Egypt.

The ruins of Berenice are located in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. The harbor on the Red Sea was founded by Ptolemy II Philadelphus in the 3rd century BC and continued to function through the Roman and Byzantine periods. Over time, it has become a central hub for trade routes from Arabia, India and Cape Horn.

The temple was discovered on the territory of the Northern Complex, one of the largest buildings of Berenice at that time.

Studies have shown that it was built in the 6th century in the classical Egyptian style, after which the Blemmia adapted it for their religious rituals.

Archaeologists have discovered a large number of offerings: harpoons, cubic figurines and a stele with images.

The most significant find was the bodies of 15 falcons, many of which were decapitated. This is the first find of its kind – before scientists found only individual mummified birds, and not entire groups.

Also in the temple there are inscriptions made by nomads. One of them said that it was strictly forbidden to boil the heads of animals in the sanctuary.

Scientists noted that the find allows them to learn more about the culture of the nomads who lived in the Eastern Desert during the decline of the Roman Empire.

The rituals they followed were not like those of Egypt and had not been described anywhere before.


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