Ancient skull with metal implant found in Peru

(ORDO NEWS) — In Peru, an ancient cone-shaped skull was found, in which there was a metal implant. It can be proof that very complex operations were carried out in the country.

At the same time, quite a few experts suggest that the skull with the inserted metal plate is just a fake, which was made much later.

The fact that the skull has a rather strange shape does not surprise anyone. The reason for this is that the ancient Peruvians squeezed the heads of children with special bandages, which made it possible to achieve a certain shape. But if the implant inserted into the skull turns out to be genuine, then this will be a unique find.

It is worth noting that in the discovered skull there is a hole under the metal, which could have been formed due to trepanation.

This is a special operation during which a small hole is made in order to eliminate a disease or injury to the skull. A similar procedure was carried out quite often in the ancient world.

The Museum of Osteology, which is located in Oklahoma, posted several pictures of the skull on its official Facebook page. The post also says that experts do not believe that the metal implant is actually genuine.

It is noted that scientists have not yet carried out radiocarbon dating, so they cannot answer exactly the question of how old this find is. John Verano of Tulane University in Louisiana claims the skull is a modern forgery.

Verano in 2010 conducted a study of several different Andean skulls that contained metal implants. He even wrote an article on the subject, detailing that the metal plates were fakes or acted as offerings at the grave and were not special surgical implants.

At the same time, there are experts who say that the plate is genuine. For example, Daniel Kurin from the University of California said that the skull most likely belongs to an elderly man who suffered a serious head injury.

The concentric fracture lines demonstrate that the healing process has begun. This suggests that the person lived with the inserted implant for at least a few weeks, or even months.


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