Ancient seals discovered in Israel prove the existence of a biblical prophet

(ORDO NEWS) — Ancient seals were found in Israel, which are proof that the Jewish prophet Jeremiah was indeed a historical figure.

Tom Meyer, a longtime Bible student, says they are the best proof that the prophet Jeremiah really existed. It is worth noting that this prophet is considered the main one. In addition to seals, a lot of papyrus documents were kept in the same place, but they have not survived to this day.

The discovered old seals are called bulla.

This is a seal, for which a piece of clay was used and the imprint of its owner was put. On one of these seals, they found the imprint of a person who was closely associated with Jeremiah. Bulls used to be used to confirm the authenticity of important documents.

An interesting point is that specialists found two seals in a private collection in London. They bear the name of Baruch, the son of Niria, who was not only a friend of Jeremiah, but also his scribe. The professor added that these are only two cases from many, when specialists managed to find the names of people who are mentioned in the Bible.


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